Touch Screen Till

Titan S160 Terminal With CES Touch EPOS Software

This package has been discontinued and replaced by the Sam4S S560 with CES Touch

SAM4S Titan S160

Features You'll Love

Simple To Use Bespoke Software

  • Bespoke touch screen designer for making easy to use layouts.
  • Rapid till operation helps keep customer queue time to a minimum.
  • Easy to navigate and fully configurable report summaries options to help manage your business.

Customizable For Your Business Needs

  • Choose from Stock Control, Customer Loyalty, Reservations, Table Planner, Chip & Pin and many more modules tailored for your industry.
  • Integrates with numerous 3rd party software solutions including Sage, Ingenico, Wavesoft and Guestline Reslynx.

Flexible Ways To Manage Your Business

  • Advanced back office management and reporting options, with 24/7 remote access control.
  • Produce and receive orders, return items, transfer stock, stock checks and adjustments on the fly.
  • Add-on features such as split bills, tabs and caller ID.

Introducing The Titan S160

The SAM4S Titan S160 is one of the most advanced designs in the SAM4S range of EPOS touch screens. With its extreme durability and precise, vibrant 15" projective capacitive multi-touch display the S160 is the ideal solution for most business critical environments - withstanding dust, water contact and grease. The capacitive touch panels can recognise either bare fingers or even a stylus that prevents users from using pens, credit cards or other sharp objects which could otherwise reduce the life expectancy of your resistive touch panel. In addition to this, the display has crisp colours and is more vivid, enhancing the clarity of your EPOS user interface.

Titan S160
System CPU Intel Celeron N2807 Dual Core Fanless Up To 2.16Ghz
MEMORY DDR III 1 slot 2GB (Up to 4GB)
Display LCD 15", 1024 x 768,LED PCT Projective Capacitive Technology
TOUCH True Flat Multi-Touch
Interface ETHERNET
10/100/1000 Mbps LAN
SERIAL 3 ports (RI/5V/12V BIOS selectable)
USB 6 ports
VGA 1 port
DRAWER 1 port / 2 CH (12V/24V selectable)
AUDIO 1 Line ut

CES Touch EPOS Software

CES Touch boasts a rich set of functionality and unparalleled versatility. The vast range of modules that can be plugged into the software redefines the meaning of bespoke, making it designed and tailored to you and your business, exactly to your requirements.



Optimize your revenue by taking control of your bookings

Easy to navigate your menu and add notes or condiments to orders at the till, print out food orders at the kitchen and drink orders at the bar, open customer tabs and offer split bills.

The Bookings & Reservations module means you always know how many tables you have left. Maximise your occupancy with the Table Planner module.

Advanced sales, financial and ingredient level stock reports.

Also links to 3rd party software such as Wavesoft for mobile order taking and ResDiary for online bookings.

Fast Food & Takeaways

Fast Food & Takeaways

Connect with customers and build repeat business

Simple to navigate your menu, send food orders in the kitchen and add/change products, prices and promotions at the till.

Advanced sales reports to monitor your most popular products and peak periods to help make your business as profitable as possible.

With the Customer Accounts and Caller ID modules you can build customer relations by instantly recognizing repeat buyers, meaning you can monitor their favourite dishes and know their delivery address.

Pubs, Bars & Clubs

Pubs, Bars & Clubs

Beat the build up at the bar and keep the beer and sales flowing

Using CES Touch's bespoke screen design will ensure that your employees will find the software easy to use and rapid to operate keeping queues at the bar to a minimum.

Easy to navigate your menu, print out food orders in the kitchen, open bar tabs and manage promotions.

Advanced stock reporting to manage bringing in drinks by volume and selling in measures. Monitor sales & staff activity to reduce shrinkage and wastage.

Cafes & Deli

Cafes & Deli

Repeat custom made simple - free coffee anyone?

Easy to navigate your menu and print out food orders in the kitchen.

The CES Touch customer loyalty module is compatible with swipe, smart or barcoded cards allowing you to monitor and reward customer purchases to keep them coming back for more.

Advanced sales, financial and ingredient level stock reports.

Convenience Stores & Local Shops

Convenience & Local Shops

Stock control is a breeze with CES Touch

Fast operation at the checkout to reduce customer queuing times.

Use the customer-facing screen to display promotions and local adverts so you are still making money even when the till is not in use.

CES Touch has the flexibility to produce and receive orders, transfer and check stock, and manage returned items keeping you in full control of your inventory.

Integrates with wholesaler software, such as Booker, to help simplify replenishing your stock. CES Touch also has a Newsround module allowing you to keep on top of your newspaper sales and deliveries.



Will that be all, sir?

Manage room bookings and restaurant reservations to maximize occupancy.

The Customer Accounts & Loyalty module allows your guests to settle their bill at the end of their stay and also reward return visitors.

Integration to 3rd party hotel reservation and management software, such as Guestline Reslynx, Guestmaster, Mainstay and Resident Pro is also available.

Titan Ports


Complete your system by adding printers, rear displays, cash drawers and more. We supply an extensive range of peripherals, so please call a sales adviser on 01524 388 811 for more options.

  • £169+VAT
    Sam4s Giant 100 Serial/USB/Ethernet

    GIANT-100 is the new 3" thermal receipt printer. Distinctive in its very small size, its giant performance equals or betters competing 3" printers.

  • £179+VAT
    Tysso Omni-352 Barcode Scanner

    An omnidirectional, counter top, retail barcode scanner with auto sensor offering outstanding performance and a robust design for heavy usage.

  • £149+VAT
    9.7" LCD Customer Display (S160)

    Can be fitted to the terminal before delivery, useful to show the price and description of items as well as the running subtotal and change given.

  • £49+VAT
    EC-410 Cash Drawer

    The EC-410 is a cost effective, sturdy cash drawer with eight coin slots, four note holders and 2 keys.


Support Packages

To ensure you receive the maximum benefit from your new EPOS solution we highly recommend to include one of our essential and affordable support options as part of your package. Our decades of experience and expert knowledge of the software will give you peace of mind that issues will be quickly resolved and help is on hand Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Please call a sales adviser on 01524 388 811 for more details.

    Telephone support
    Help desk ticketing system
    Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm
    All features of Support Pro
    24/7 cloud reporting
    Automatic software version updates

Frequently Asked Questions

How does remote desktop support work?

Prior to delivery Splashtop will be installed on your terminal allowing us to remotely set configurations and demonstrate features to the operator.

Is more powerful hardware available?

Yes, the Titan line of EPOS touch screens has systems available with quad core processors and up to 16GB RAM.

Can I use my own software?

Yes, unlike other Sam4s solutions, which are ROM based, the Titan range can be loaded with any compatible EPOS software.

How much is delivery?

Delivery depends on the total weight of your order and where you want us to ship to. However, delivery for hardware starts at only £15.

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