Paymentsense Integrated Card Payment Solution

Discover the world of integrated payments with Connect™ by Paymentsense

Ingenico iCT250 Card Machine With Paymentsense
Paymentsense Features

Features You'll Love

It Just Works

  • Paymentsense Connect™ is a plug and play solution. Your card machine works out of the box with our EPOS packages and is updated and maintained automatically.

It Fits The Bill

  • Do you have more card machines than tills? More tills than card machines? It doesn't matter, expect flexibility as standard! Connect™ can be tailored to your business needs!

No Added Cost

  • EPOS card payment integration can be expensive, with many companies charging ongoing fees. Connect™ comes ready integrated and you only pay for what you use.

Ingenico Card Machines

Paymentsense Connect™ is available with rental of either counter-top or portable Ingenico card machines. Your card machine and till no longer need to be strangers - both the portable and counter-top card machines can communicate to your POS system using intelligent cloud-based technology. This hi-tech love affair is called integrated payments and it allows you to take quicker, smarter payments. With your till and card machine connected, there is no longer any need to key in transactions twice. This means faster payments, shorter queues and happier customers. And the best bit... it comes at no extra cost!

Paymentsense Card Machine

Paymentsense Connect™

Paymentsense Connect™ is market leading in integrated payment solutions, allowing your till and card terminal to talk to one another, while also providing the flexibility to take payments in the way best suited to your business needs.

Pay At The Table

Pay At The Table

Don’t be tied to your till - follow the money!

For hospitality, Connect™ makes it easier than ever to take payments at the table. Connect™ allows you to turn tables four times faster and efficient payments means better service and bigger profits. Take mis-keys and errors out if the equation. When cashing up at the end of the day be safe in the knowledge that your tills will tally.

Pay At The Till

Pay At The Till

Need to combat the queues - Connect™ is fast, secure and easy to use!

If you take payments at the counter, Connect™ makes sure your card machine and EPOS are singing from the same hymn sheet. Connect™ is the biggest thing since contactless, providing rapid transactions, shorter queues and better service. It allows you to eliminate mistakes, putting an end to manual errors, bad maths and double keying.

SAM4S Titan S160 With CES Touch

EPOS Package

SAM4S Titan S160 With CES Touch EPOS Software

Paymentsense Connect can be easily integrated into your existing solution, however it comes ready integrated with our preferred EPOS package. The Titan S160 is a durable and precise touch screen terminal that is the ideal business critical solution for busy retail and hospitality environments. CES Touch is an advanced module-based EPOS software solution that has the flexibility to be tailored to your exact business needs. Please contact a sales adviser on 01524 388 811 today to see how Paymentsense Connect can help your business grow.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the card costs involved?

Paymentsense fees are highly competitive, using the combined buying power of 70,000 customers to keep rates low. Your fees will be tailored to your business and depend on volume and average transaction value.

How soon can I be set up?

With Paymentsense you can be taking payments in a matter of days rather than weeks and in some cases as little as 24 hours. If you need a quick turnaround then Connect is certainly the right solution for you.

What happens if my terminal goes down?

For whatever issues you may encounter, Paymentsense has a UK-based team who are available 24/7. They're a friendly bunch whose mission in life is to make things easy for you.

Can I use my existing EPOS solution?

If you aren't looking to upgrade or buy a complete EPOS solution then Paymentsense Connect can be easily integrated into your existing POS due to its lean API and low development costs.

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