A cost effective and flexible solution to suit your needs

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In today’s highly competitive environment, the ability to trade both within stores and across the internet has become a must for all retailers, large and small. Until now, the cost of deploying a cost effective solution to run a multi channel point sale system had been prohibitive for smaller retailers looking to gain a share of sales from the web.

Not anymore!

IPOS has launched range of cost effective ecommerce modules to suite every budget. Working with our software partners IPOS can now offer a range of solutions to suit every pocket, from simple plug ecommerce engines, Magento web site design and hosting  all integrated with your retail epos system.


Integrated Store & EStore management

The IPOS Ecommerce engine can be integrated with your website &  EPOS systems allowing for true, real time stock control as well as having the ability to import stock at the click of a button.

Benefits IPOS Ecommerce and EPOS

  • For retailers with bricks and mortar / physical stores, provides synchronisation of online and offline areas of the business
  • Saves time and reduces errors through eliminating the need to re-key product data into both applications, or to update each application manually
  • Improves efficiency and accuracy of stock management through synchronising stock levels across both applications in real time. Items shipped from either EPOS or Website will be reflected in updates to both the ecommerce and EPOS stock levels
  • Ability to create integrated, cross-channel promotions and communications to better serve new and existing customers


Managing your Ecommerce Web Site Made Easy

Using your chosen stock control software with integrated Ecommerce allows you to send and change product information on your Ecommerce web site easily. Product families, products, standard prices, sale prices, product family images, product images, product narratives and full descriptions can all be controlled from a central point. Changes made appear quickly on the Ecommerce site once posted. Labour saving facilities allow images and further detail to be assigned to multiple products at the touch of a button.

Processing your Ecommerce Orders

Orders are processed on the Ecommerce site and are sent to your order processing software when payment has been automatically authorised on-line. The order processing software displays the order detail ready for picking. Once picked the order marked is processed. A branded advice note and plain packing label are automatically produced. Comprehensive sales reporting is provided with important reports such as profitability and best sellers/worst sellers included.

Automatic Real Time Ecommerce Stock Control

The Ecommerce web site automatically reduces stock from the site as it is sold. In addition any stock movements made using your stock control software automatically update the Ecommerce web site. As each till completes a sale this stock reduction, if appropriate, is sent to the Ecommerce web site.