Preh KeyTec

Preh KeyTec is a leading manufacturer of advanced data input devices to a global market. Our solutions are installed in demanding operating conditions requiring high quality products with long-term performance, configuration flexibility and exceptional reliability. See Preh KeyTec products in action in: banking, government, healthcare, property management, grocery, retail and more.Preh KeyTec’s program ability makes even the most complex application simple! Our unique design allows the user to program more than 100 key strokes behind each key providing the operator the ability to drill down into an application with a single key stroke. This advanced program ability helps simplify operator training and enhances data input.Preh KeyTec product range includes: The product range includes modular designed standard keyboards and bespoke keyboards manufactured to specific customer requirements. Programmable Keyboards, Customized Keyboards, TouchKey, Encryption, Data Security, MSR, OCR, Biometrics, Touch Pad, Keylock, Smart Card Reader, Programmable Keys, Relegendable Keys, Laser Etched Keycaps.