Front Office POS and Back Office Software

POS Tilling

Features You'll Love

Intuitive Interface

  • Easy-to-follow guided transactions and on screen product images.
  • Aid staff with training mode and floating cashier support.
  • Useful features such as item search by description or code, predictive tender and returns by scanning receipt barcode.

Proven Solution

  • Proven in 1000+ installations.
  • Trusted by major high street brands.
  • Product of decades of development.
  • Built for scale, from multi-site to multi-national.
  • Implemented by International POS with household brands such as the AA and Montezuma's.

Seamless Integrations

  • EFT via Chip and Pin.
  • Link with handheld stock control.
  • Options for biometric sign-on.
  • Links to Sage Accounting.
  • Electronic data interfaces for major wholesalers such as Nisa and Booker via Stock Control back office application.

POS Tilling

Proven in 1000+ installations, POS Tilling for Retail is a cost-effective and comprehensive POS front office application that gives today's retailer all the flexibility and control they need to fully maximise their sales and respond quickly to ever-changing demand.

Decades of continuous development makes POS Tilling for Retail incredibly feature-rich, enabling retailers to take full advantage of the latest innovations in EPOS industry with the added reassurance of smooth product and security enhancements in the future.

POS Tilling for Retail can operate independently or link in real time to the back office, and is fully scalable from standard stand alone to multi outlet operations.

Enterprise POS Terminal

Additional Modules

In addition to the software's core solution, we can offer specific add-on modules suitable for clients in Retail and Hospitality sectors. These modules are designed to tailor your solution to ensure you get the features and business intelligence required to give your company the competitive edge.

Time and Attendance

Clocking off and on information can be imported from the POS terminals and reported upon within the Time and Attendance module. Each staff member can have their standard and overtime pay rate applied together with standard working hours. The creation of rotas is contained within the Time and Attendance module and an export to Sage Payroll is also available if you wish to use the module for capture of clock on/off times only.

Cash Office

The Cash Office module provides an online central location to input all financial data, accessible from head office or at site level. Cash Office can be used to execute tasks such as cash drawer counts and takings summaries but can also be used to handle all financial paid ins and outs from the business including prepayments and supplier invoices accruals. The module finishes with a weekly Business Done report per site which removes the need for multiple excel spreadsheets and head office consolidation of information which can be costly and time consuming.

Business Process Module

The Business Process Module allows reports to be scheduled and triggers to be created. Using the BPM module it is possible to have area managers receive a PDF attachment first thing every morning with sales figures covering their specific stores. It is also possible to alert a store manager via an SMS if a refund has been performed over a specified value or if a cashier has exceeded a No Sale threshold for he day.

Property Management System

Our software solutions fit perfectly into a hotel environment and can interface seamlessly with the addition of the PMS (Property Management System) module into many popular PMS solutions including those from Guestline, Welcome and Hotec.

Online Table Reservation

Our online table reservations module links with popular reservation systems such as ResDiary. The bookings are handled by ResDiary, which in turn opens the table upon guest arrival within our solution. Transaction details are passed in real-time between the POS and ResDiary ensuring full information is available to the CRM system. When a table is finalised within the system, information is passed back to ResDiary indicating that the table is free to seat again.

Customer Loyalty

It is vital to ensure repeat business at every opportunity and one proven way of achieving this is via the introduction of a loyalty scheme. This module allows for points to be earned across all transactions and sites and then redeemed against purchases at any site. Additional points can be earned for certain products and added based on promotion schemes ensuring your loyalty scheme achieves the desired result.

Delivery and Collections

The Delivery and Collections module enabled order to be taken and stored in either of these sections. Working well with the Postcode Recognition and Caller ID modules, phone orders can be taken and entered into the system with required times for collection or delivery. the status of the order can be seen and delivery orders can be passed to drivers together with addresses and payment handling.

Caller ID

the Caller Id module allows the POS to read the telephone number of the current caller and automatically retrieve details if the customer is already known. This avoids the need to re-enter address details for any delivery orders.

Postcode Recognitions

The Postcode Recognition module allows for the easy entry of addresses after typing the full post code of the customer. This can be easily stored for future retrieval, making it the a perfect accompaniment to the Caller ID module.

EDI Link

The back office has an Electronic Data Interchange module that allows the receiving of a product file and delivery notes and the transmitting of purchase orders to suppliers. EDIs currently exist for Nisa, Bookers and P&H but can be created to match any supplier EDI systems.

E-commerce Weblink

With wide spread changes happening on the retail high street, it is becoming even more important to ensure multichannel sales are possible. Our solution not only handles sales within your physical sites but can also link via our Weblink module to e-commerce online stores. In the past two completely different sets of stock were needed to be monitored, one for the website and one for the traditional sites. Using this module the back office can monitor stock for all channels.

Kitchen Video Monitoring

Fast replacing the traditional kitchen printer, kitchen video monitors are now becoming common place in many kitchens, not just linked to fast food outlets. The software has links to many of the major kitchen video minitor systems including Logwood and QSR.

Digital Signage

With printing costs ever increasing, our solution allows even greater use of the POS. With the addition of a rear screen on the terminal, you are able to control images and video played on the display that is easily visible to your customer. When the POS terminal is not in use, the digital promotions are displayed in full screen. When the terminal is used, the digital images are moved to a smaller multi-media panel on the rear sceen


The software is able to provide links to CCTV systems whereby the transaction detail can be superimposed onto the recorded image allowing you to see exactly what is being sold and what actions are being performed on the POS terminal. With out POS terminal you are able to automatically retrieve the exact CCTV footage that matches a selected transaction within the electronic audit file. Simply scroll through the audit to find the transaction in question and then press the CCTV button to display the recorded footage directly on the POS terminal.

Back Office

The back office is a simple to use yet comprehensive platform that gives you real-time control of how your POS is used. The benefits of this software to your business are enormous including centralised maintenance of prices, button design, ingredients and assemblies - standardising operations across your multiple sites.

The back office provides granular security control allowing you to decide to who you give access, how much access you provide, and where users are able to access from.

The back office covers stock control, automatic ordering, good receipts, transfers and requisitions and much more. Once you have finished a batch of recipes, the software will instantly update, increasing completed stock and reducing ingredient stock.

You can access sales, dashboards, stock routines and maintenance via the Web App as well as Windows-based client applications. Other modules available include Cash Office and Report Distribution.


Annual Software Subscriptions

This solution provides tailored software for businesses ranging from single-site, multi-site to even multi-national - all with a refreshingly low ongoing cost of ownership and the added benefit of continual feature and security enhancements.

  • Centralised Maintenance
  • Button Maintenance
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Assemblies & Ingredients
  • Back Office Web App
  • Stock Control Lite, plus...
  • Stock Control
  • Automatic Ordering
  • Transfers & Requisitions
  • Goods Receipts
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