Japan Centre the success story continues...

Japan Centre Sushi Counter Japan Centre Sushi Counter

Japan Centre have now introduced not only Take-away food like the famous Misu soup and Sushi but also included an Eat-in area which is proving to be immensely popular. The increase in customers visiting the Japan Centre at peak times has meant they have had to install a further three Tysso POS 7000 terminals to cope with the volume of business.

Poswyse Software already has the required features to cope with the different NON-VAT and VAT staus for Eat-in and Take-away food so it just meant a simple change to the touch screen layout to accommodate the new configuration.

As soon as all the ten POS terminals were operational the Ocius Chip&pin solution was added to the system. This further speeded up the transaction process at each point of sale as the Ocius Chip&pin terminals are linked directly into the Poswyse software.

The main factor with speed when processing card transactions is that with their former system the sales total amount needed to be re-entered again in to the PDQ. With the Ocius solution integrated into Poswye software the amount is automatically sent to the chip&pin terminal. This also means less errors and that the reconciliation process is also much easier.

The Verifone chip&pin terminal was positioned at each POS terminal using the Space Pole stand with a tilt feature which makes it very easy for the customer to use.

Chip&pin Terminal with space pole stand Tysso POS 7000 terminal

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